People Analytics Programme - How to become ‘data savvy in HR’

HR has a proliferation of data from numerous sources, using this data to offer information to the business to support people interventions is where we aim to help you. We contend HR is not short of data, but rather the skills and experience to know which is more valuable than the other and to use that data intelligently to influence business decisions and outcomes.


The following programme shows how we can begin to address that.

Who can benefit

We have worked with HR people from all sectors, nationalities and size of organisations.

If you need to make better use of people data in your role; if you have an interest in learning more about how to use data or if you are an HR Leader who needs this skill in their team – then this is for you.

Join 8-10 like minded peers for this enjoyable, stretching and thought provoking 2.5 day HR Analytics course .

We make no assumption of current knowledge or experience

What it offers

Making the business case for People Analytics in HR

Understanding both quantitative and qualitative approaches

Demonstrating the variety of data sources inside and outside HR

Exploring the pro’s and con’s of different types of analytics e.g. predictive analytics, benchmarking

Understanding basic statistics through some energising and interesting exercises

Using People Analytics to create better understanding of business problems

Discussing roles & responsibilities and governance

Helping HR create better business solutions, including real work back in your business

Additional features

This People Analytics training programme can be run internally for whole team or partial team and can be revised to reflect the particular business context of your organisation at the time of the programme

There is a limited amount of pre-work.

There will a requirement to undertake some real work back in your business before reconvening to review the learning.


To create a shared understanding and definition of People Analytics about people by exploring how analytics are used in other businesses.

To explore both the opportunities and challenges of using People Analytics.

To develop a collective and shared view of the opportunities to improve HR’s by understanding and making greater use of People Analytics.

To improve participants confidence in applying People Analytics in real situations.

To identify some ‘next steps’ for the participants in applying People Analytics.

To share practical examples of how People Analytics can be used


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